Eurobox Classifieds - Barndoor Rear Lenses

These are parts that I have for sale due to the fact that we had pairs of lights made for our buses and it was only possible to have them made in bulk.

Please mail me if you would like something. Thank you.

Barndoor rear lens.
These are an accurate copy of the original flat plastic type Barndoor rear lights complete with all markings on the chrome ring. The chrome ring is completely perfect and interchangeable with that of the original, i.e. if you have original lenses but rotten rings you can substitute your original lens into these rings no problem (this is true for every age of barndoor lens, i.e. flat glass, flat plastic or domed type). The lenses supplied are a reasonable copy of the original and are indistinguishable from it when on the bus. However it should be said that slight differences can be noticed if you scrutinize an orginal lens and our lens off the bus. Only two sets of these lenses are left.

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