Buses of Consequence

Bay-window fire truck. Pretty!
This is a genuine double door, 23 window deluxe which has retained all the original microbus interior, (both outer sides of the centre seat fold down!). It also is painted in the most disgusting colours known to man! BUT with the reversed sprintstars and low stance it looks rad, believe me!. Strange but true!!!!
Take a Porta-cabin with you, wherever you go!

Actually I could be tempted to buy one of these. If anyone has one to sell please get in touch.

Another Kemperink.
With full camping equipment. I still want one!
The same one.
This time after a bit of Wayne treatment. Gimmie!
'There be 6 wheels on my wagon.'
Sing all together now.
This page could be getting a theme.
Another beauty. Not so sure about the radar attachment.
A good'n'.
Over the pond in California.

More to come!!!!