'New Zealand bus Restoration.

Jan '03
Underneath the filler you can find the previous bodges of repairing the windows. Unfortunately this "cheap and chearful" approach to restoration, is more "miserable" as it lets water drop down inbetween the side panels and the side stiffeners, rotting out the side panels!

May-June '03
Halfway there. This is the repair of the LH side windows and the rear corner windows. The black panels are brasilian VW in origin, whilst the rear corner window was repaired from an old side window flipped upside down and curved.

Jun-Sept '03
Pillars and short sill. The front pillar I fabricated while the back pillar was a Schofield panel. I was pleasantly surprised with the fit of the Schofield panel, it is very good. The inner sill was fabricated by a local company in galvanised, the outer sill is VW Brazil.

Sept-Jan '04
The rear inner arch on the LHS is from a donor bus, and needed the front edge repaired. The next couple of pics are the LH side panel trial fitted. This is a brasilian panel from a LHD bus cut down, then folded over a former. The RHS is now ready for some treatment!

More to come...it takes soooo long!!!!