'51 Victim.

This bus is a deluxe built in the third or fourth month of deluxe manufacture. It is also a bit of a butchered nightmare! The story starts in the 1960's where the owner of this bus found it in a farmers field and was given it free!........Disaster looms................

(Note. Two speedos, clock moved to the center (and fitted upside down!)

Until 1974 Greece had a military dictatorship, where some official banned all buses with windows....(eh?....why?......no idea)..(a lot of panel vans to sell perhaps?).

Anyway our chap with his 23 glorious Barndoor windows, basically had a bit of a problem.
So did our poor deluxe......

When man and angle grinder met our glorious bus the following blood thirsty carnage ensued.

Warning the photographs which follow are not suitable for those of weak disposition.

Bzzzzz, bzzzzz, hack, hack..........yep our intrepid owner decided the best way to hide the presence of windows was to chop off the whole backend of the bus at window level, (certainly solving the window problem!). Anyway by the looks of it he later also realised, (as one hopefully would!) that this was a pretty bad idea, and decided to weld the windows back on.....badly! So was this the end of the nightmare for our, not quite as glorious as it was, bus...oh no. After many more years of service it was finally parked in this campsite, where it became a playground for kids. Kids with big rocks! Smash! thump! etc. Then one day, daddy of pesky kids with rocks decided to test out the strength of the bullbar on his 'Sindy mobile' 4x4 by driving it into the front panel of our, by this time, rather 'gory-ous' bus.

Is there a happy ending?